Frequent Questions

How can I estimate the legth for my ski poles?
The legth of the ski poles is important and can vary according to the style: alpine skiing, backcountry skiing, cross-country skiing. We show you into our e-
commerce convenient method to figure out the right legth for your ski poles.
What shall I do if the product is flawed?
Before calling for our return policy, write us to better understand the problem and if it can be solved.
How can I return the product if I’m not satisfied?
Please see the General Terms of Sales section under Withdrawal
Where can I buy the magnetic ski poles?
The magnet ski poles by MAGFIT are on sale through e-commerce on our website magfit.cloud
Do the ski poles and the gloves hold on even while pushing?
The magnetic hold of the ski poles is ensured while pushing even with great forces. It is enough that your fingers point downward while pushing.
Are the ski poles released in case of a fall?
The ski poles have been thought to come undone in case of a fall. Safety increases and the risk of injures is reduced.
Can I find the magnetc skipoles in carbon as well?
At the moment the magnetic skipoles are produced in aeronautic aluminium 5083 only, that is light and strong.
Are the magnetic ski poles fit for every kind of ski style?
The first version of the ski poles by MAGFIT is only fit for downhill skiing (alpine skiing). Other versions for backcountry skiing, freeski and crosscountry skiing, with different grips and baskets, are being planned.
Can I find the magnetic ski poles for children?
We are planning a children version, and it will be engineered and produced in a short time. The present version is fit for adults only.
Do the magnetic ski poles interfere with other electronic/magnetic devices?
The magnetic field of the ski poles comes to nothing within a close distance (10 cm max.). The ski poles shouldn’t be held close to mobiles, analogic watches, magnetic cards, magnetic tapes ect.
Do the magnetic ski poles interfere with elecro-medical devices?
The magnetic ski poles interfere with electro-madical devices, so they can’t be used by people who have surgical inserted electro-medical devices, such as pacemakers etc.
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